Jak na LMR (anglicky)

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Jak na LMR (anglicky)

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Není to všeříkající, ale jako úvod a přehledné vykopnutí k tématu LMR se může hodit.


Perspectives on Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

Have you ever had the feeling that you did everything right with a woman, but when you're in bed, she says no?

Of course you have. We all have. It can be intensely frustrating. The good news is that it's avoidable. You can remove last minute resistance (LMR) from your life. Not through any trickery and not by "scamming" a woman, but simply by understanding what it is that causes last minute resistance, and helping her get past it. As usual, to really understand this topic, we need to take a step back and make sure we are all on the same page.

LMR occurs when a woman says no to sexual touching when you're somewhere where it would be reasonable to have success and you're already attracted to each other. Saying no to sexual touching can occur anywhere from touching her breasts over her clothes to putting a condom on. It's all LMR, and it's triggered by her emotional state and comfort level with you.

Some women don't feel LMR, but most do. It's not a fun feeling for her either - she gets intensely nervous and uncomfortable with a knot in her stomach. Biologically, by having sex with you, or doing things that she knows will lead to sex, she is taking a big bet on you. In modern society, sex usually doesn't lead to pregnancy, but her emotional instincts were designed thousands of years ago. That's why comfort is so important to a woman before sex.

For men, it can be deeply frustrating. You usually won't have these same emotions about sex, and hers can be difficult to relate to. An easy analogy for this is how women often don't understand how it can be tough for a man to approach a woman whom he doesn't know. "Just go talk to her," she says. Or "be yourself." She doesn't understand the pit in most men's stomachs that comes in when a man begins the process and prepares to approach a woman he doesn't know. Similarly, we don't intuitively understand the feeling women have at the end of the process.

What are we supposed to do?

Some specific tips and techniques that some Love Systems instructors have taught and found useful include persistence, arousal, minimizing physical state breaks, and the "little things that work."

Be persistent - If she says no or indicates that she is uncomfortable, you need to stop what you are doing. Any deviation from that is immoral and illegal. However, you can certainly go back one step and then try again later. If she won't let you remove her top, go back to kissing her for a few minutes, and try again later. The interesting thing about female psychology is that women are often spectators in their own seduction. It's your job to keep escalating.

Use arousal - If you can arouse her enough, she will want to sleep with you. She knows this, and often won't let you do a lot of things that would arouse her (like touching her genitals). That's why LMR can occur way before sex is an actual possibility. However, you can often get away with kissing her and being on top of her. If you rub against her in that position ("dry humping") she will often be receptive, especially if you are also kissing her neck or ears.

Minimize physical state breaks - A physical state break is where you go from doing one sort of activity to another in a sharp, not gradual, way. Women get through LMR by gradually moving from one activity to another without ever having to stop and think "should I have sex?" Many women like to be seduced, but not to have to feel responsible for sex happening. So when you move her to your bedroom, or you take off her clothes, it gets her thinking about how far she wants things to go, rather than enjoying the slow buildup. Minimize this by moving to the bedroom early or not at all. Removing her pants should be done gradually, and while focusing on other activities like kissing her.

Know the little things that work - These don't fall into a category, but they're useful. If she says "we shouldn't be doing this" agree with her, "Yes, we shouldn't." If she repeats that you shouldn't, then you have to stop and regroup, but often she won't. Never take her underwear off by itself. Either take it off when her pants come off (at the same time), or just move it to the side.

Zdroj: http://www.theattractionforums.com/lsi- ... e-lmr.html


The 6 Kinds of LMR and how to Overcome them

LMR #1: She Hardly Knows You
This is the most common form of LMR, and it occurs on almost all one night stands. The girl likes you and wants to hook up, but ultimately doesn’t know you very well and has concerns – are you just using her for sex? Will you think she’s a slut? Do you have any STD’s? This form of LMR is totally natural, and is built into each girl from a young age. It can happen at any point during the hookup – from you kissing her, to you touching her breasts, to you to trying to take her pants off. This form of LMR can be penetrated. The girl likes you and will have sex with you, but only if she knows there will be no repercussions afterward and she won’t feel bad about herself.

There are 2 strategies to combat this form of LMR:

1) Strategy to Overcome: Agree with Her in an Honest Manner
Difficulty Level: Easy

Her: “Oh my god, this is so bad, we hardly know each other.”
You: “You’re right, this is bad. We do hardly know each other and we should stop.”

Agreeing with her that you shouldn’t have sex sounds like a risky proposition; you are confirming that her doubts are indeed valid, so what’s to prevent her from just ending the hookup there? Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. By agreeing with her, you’re showing her that you’re not all about sex, which means that you aren’t using her for sex, which means that you won’t think less of her for having sex with you this soon. On a subconscious level it might even go further, that because you’re not all about sex, you probably haven’t had that much sex, which means you are clean (STD-free). This might explain why girls don’t always require condoms, even after giving a guy LMR for the very reason that he might not be clean.

2) Strategy to Overcome: Agree with Her in a Joking Manner
Difficulty Level: Easy

Her: “Oh my god, this is so bad, we hardly know each other.”
You: “I agree, we should, so I’m going to stop unhooking your bra with my teeth.”

By agreeing with her in a joking manner, you are not taking her comments seriously, and by not taking her comments seriously, you’re showing that sex isn’t that big of a deal to you. A guy who instead rationally argues for why a woman’s LMR is unfounded is showing that he cares about sex, and thus might be using her for sex.

The first method is about neutralizing her LMR, while the second method is about being non-reactive. What the two methods have in common is that they both show (in indirect ways) that you are not all about sex, which is the root cause of LMR. Which one you choose doesn’t matter. If one doesn’t work then switch to the other. If using them both doesn’t work then do a freeze out, but make sure to never show any annoyance. If the freeze out doesn’t work then go to sleep and try again in the morning.

LMR #2: She does Push/Pull on You
This is never-ending LMR; the girl resists your advances one minute, attacks you in a fit of passion the next minute, and then pushes you away a minute later. It’s a continuous cycle, beginning the moment you kiss the girl and continuing up until the moment you climax. You’re constantly moving 2 steps forward and 1 step back, and then the cycle starts over the next time you hook up. These girls are generally very confident and outgoing, and derive more pleasure out of the game aspect of the hookup than they do the actual sex.

There are 3 different strategies to overcome this kind of LMR

1) Strategy to Overcome: Do Push/Pull on Them
Difficulty Level: Fairly Easy

This form of LMR is a direct shit-test that girls consciously attempt. They want to know that you’re manly enough to see through it and not be broken down. The best way to overcome it is to neutralize their push/pull by doing it back to them. When she pulls away, attack her. When she attacks you, pull away. By doing this same thing to her (which probably no guy has in the past), she’ll view you as having equal status to her and she’ll also see you as someone that she does not yet have under her sexual spell. The only way to get control of you is to give you sex and make you come back for more.

2) Strategy to Overcome: Push until the Very End, then do a Freeze Out.
Difficulty Level: Medium

The pushing will progress you slowly towards sex, but then at the very end she will most likely freeze you out and end the hookup. To counter this, you need to freeze her out first. This strategy should also work, but will take much longer and will only break down her resistance in the end, whereas the first strategy completely neutralizes her resistance from the start.

3) Strategy to Overcome: Put the Condom on and Fuck Her
Difficulty Level: Medium

This strategy is controversial for obvious reasons, and not advised. Subconsciously the girl wants you to physically overpower her. Her attacking you is a test to see if you’re strong enough to overpower her, both mentally (by not being phased) and physically (by overpowering her). By physically overpowering her, you prove your strength as an alpha male, and these girls only want to fuck the most alpha of males. Also, being rough is what turns these girls on sexually; kissing does not go as far. By being rough with her, you reach a point where the girl is so turned on that she can’t say no.

LMR #3: She Wants to Know that She's Different
This LMR happens when the girl wants to make sure she’s special to you. This could be because she feels a real connection to you, and thinks it could blossom into a relationship. In this case she doesn’t want to potentially jeopardize something good by sleeping with you. It could also be because she knows you’re a player and doesn’t want to give herself away like all those other girls; she wants to know that she means more.

Strategy to Overcome: none
Difficulty Level: Hard

This LMR is not spontaneous the way the other kinds of LMR are; it is strategically planned ahead of time by the girl. In that sense it isn’t really LMR at all; it’s only included here because you never know when it might occur. This is the kind of LMR that Style got when he told girls he’s a PUA, and even he couldn’t overcome it (not in the short term at least). The good news is that if you continue to have tight game then she’ll definitely have sex with you eventually. In this sense, it’s probably best to just wait until a Day 2 or Day 3.

LMR #4: She’s Prudish
This LMR has little to do with typical anti-slut defense and more to do with her lack of sexual experience and prudish nature. Some girls, no matter how tight your game is, will simply not hook up with you the first night. Because of their lack of sexual experience and introverted personalities, these girls are overly self-conscious and take longer to get out of their comfort zone. A typical HB party girl will rarely fall into this category, as they’ve had enough social interaction and sexual experience that they are comfortable. On the other hand, a young girl that you met in the library might fall into this category. She has fewer guys hitting on her and is still not fully comfortable around the opposite sex.

Strategy to Overcome: Build Deep Rapport and Mix with Kino
Difficulty Level: Hard

Stay in comfort has long as possible with these girls and build a lot of rapport. Go heavy on the routines and cold reads. Go light with kino at first and then slowly build it up. Mix the kino in with your routines; if you touch her when she is having an emotional realization, it will be ingrained in her subconscious and she will feel more comfortable around you. Ultimately, this probably won’t be enough, and she won’t sleep with you for the same reasons that your high school girlfriend made you wait 6 months; she’s just not comfortable getting physical.

One more warning: do not push too hard! If you do too much to bring a girl out of her sexual comfort zone, she’ll be gone forever. It’s your job to heed the warning signs and decide when to shut down and wait for another night.

LMR #5: She Doesn’t Want to Screw Over Her Friend
This LMR occurs when her concerns about a good female friend outweigh her concerns about hooking up with you. It can happen in any of the following instances:

1) You previously dated her close female friend
2) She knows your girlfriend personally
3) She doesn’t want to leave her female friend alone with your creepy roommate

#1 is the most serious kind because the friend will probably find out about it, thus putting their friendship in jeopardy, which matters more to her than you do (at the moment at least). #2 is less serious because the girlfriend is less likely to find out, and #3 is the least serious. Note that this form of LMR does NOT include instances where a female friend tells her that you’re an asshole and that she shouldn’t hook up with you. People don’t like to be controlled, and this will mostly likely make her want you more.

Strategy to Overcome: Take Full Responsibility
Difficulty Level: Medium/Easy

If the LMR involves #1 or #2, do not rationally argue that the female friend in question isn’t a big deal, and that she won’t find out. Instead, agree with the girl that what you’re doing is “so bad”, but that it just “happened”, and that if the friend finds out that you’ll take full responsibility.

If the LMR involves #3, then just make sure the friends are as comfortable as possible in the living room. Chat them up before you take your girl in the bedroom. Have them play with your puppy. Once you have your target isolated in your room, then come out of the room to get a drink, ask how the movie is, then go back into your room.

LMR #6: She has a Boyfriend
If you meet a girl in a bar and she has a boyfriend, she may or may not tell you. If she does not tell you then that’s a clear indication she’s willing to hookup, and this form of LMR will not happen. If she does tell you then it’s harder, but not impossible. This form of LMR will be similar to the first kind of LMR (she hardly know you), as she will say things like “this is so bad” or “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Strategy to Overcome: Pretend that you have a Girlfriend and Take Full Responsibility
Difficulty Level: Medium

By pretending that you have a girlfriend, you are relieving her of some guilt. She’s not the only one cheating; you are too. Take full responsibility for all escalation and talk about how much she turns you on. Chances are her boyfriend isn’t giving her this much attention, and you’ll look better as a result. Do not justify why she should cheat on her boyfriend, and do not discuss similarities between your mutual predicaments. Frame the hookup around you being the bad one, and that you were just so turned down by her that you couldn’t control yourself and one thing led to another and it just happened.

Most guys think only more experienced women who are comfortable with their sexuality do not give LMR. This is not true; there are actually 5 different types of girls who do not give LMR:

1) Cougars; older women who are single and don’t get out much.
They have outgrown any slut complexes they used to have, and are just out to have a fun time and satisfy their own needs.

2) Unattractive girls, particularly “fat chicks.”
These girls never get hit on and have few opportunities for sex. To make matters worse, they constantly see their hot friends being hit on and hooking up. If an opportunity does not come up, they don’t want to squander it.

3) Younger girls (18-19) who have not yet acquired a slut complex.
These girls have only had sex with a couple guys in their life, and they’re horny for more. The problem is that they have few opportunities for sex because guys their age suck at pickup, and the girls aren’t old enough to go to places (bars, clubs) where they can meet older, more experienced guys.

4) Girls on vacation
Girls on vacation have no slut complexes because they know they’re never going to see anyone again. Thus they have no reputation to worry about, nor do they have worry about the guy calling the next day. Also, this is one time when it’s deemed OK and even traditional to hookup (i.e. spring break, Vegas), so girls can drop their guard for a few days without fear of consequence.

5) Girls who are on the rebound
These girls just got out of a relationship and want to go crazy for a night. This is another rare time where it’s deemed acceptable for girls to hookup, so they temporarily drop their anti-slut defense, as well as their standards. If you’re a guy who hooks up with these girls, you’re getting “lucky.”

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Další dobrý článek na toto téma, tentokrát s konkrétními tipy


Last Minute Sexual Reservations – How to overcome “We should wait” by Johnny Wolf

Have you ever been so close to fucking a girl, but then she just freezes up and says no? Maybe you’ve heard the legendary words,

“We should wait” or “We shouldn’t do this.”

It sucks, I know…I’ve heard it a hundred times.

And the thing that sucks most about it is how we feel afterwards. First we’re horny and frustrated, but worse, it’s a huge blow to our egos.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re getting hot and heavy with the girl, and you take your dick out just for her to reject you and say no, you know how it feels. First you get angry at her, then at yourself. Maybe it was my fault, you might think…maybe she doesn’t like me….maybe my dick is too small. A lot can go through your mind when this happens, but relax, you did a good thing.

First off, pat yourself on the back for getting that far with the girl. And realize, if she let you that far, chances are you’ll soon go all the way as long as you keep your cool. Ironically, here’s where a lot of guys stop calling, and simply give up on her.

5 Easy Ways to Over Come Last Minute Sexual Reservations

1. Make sure she is significantly turned on:

The first time you have sex with a new girl, make sure you spend twice as much time during foreplay. A easy trick is to make her cum one time first with either oral sex or by fingering her to near climax…then as she’s begging you to fuck her, give her what she wants.

Don’t make the same mistake I did though. A few months ago I was hooking up with this cute little Spanish chick and ended up making out with her and fingering her in my friends bedroom. It had only been a few minutes but I could have sworn she said, “fuck me already.” So I immediately jumped off, grabbed a condom and tried to put it on. She takes the condom off my dick and says no. I was so shocked that I assumed she meant she wanted me to fuck her without a condom. So I grabbed another one. Turned out that she meant no, we’re not fucking tonight. If I had just kept turning her on to a point where she was about to climax, instead of jumping the gun at the first sign, it would have made for a vastly different night.

2. Make sure she knows you’ll still respect her in the morning

One of the main reasons girls make guys wait is because she’s unsure if you’ll still respect her in the morning, and more importantly still want to see her again. Too many idiot guys fuck a girl once and ignore their calls or make them other wise feel used afterwards. The ironic thing is, there guys do that to protect their own ego. The figure that if the girl was “easy” enough to fuck on the first date, that something must be wrong with her…while they should be thinking that they got her because they themselves are highly sexually attractive men.

Easy ways to let a girl know you’ll still respect her even after having sex include, making a date for next week. Talk about it before you get into bed, and then reconfirm your date while in foreplay.

While fingering her say: “I’m really glad I met you, and I’m really looking forward to watching so and so movie with you/trying so and so restaurant with you next week.” The best way to do this is to actually mean it. As we all know, and have read in the Sex God Method, it takes time and practice with a girl to properly convert her and make her a good lover. So make it a habit not to have one night stands, keep her around even it is just as a fuck buddy, just don’t forget the buddy part.

3. Agree with everything she says: no matter what!

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, argue logistically with a girl during sex.

If she says, “We shouldn’t be doing this, my roommate will be home soon.”

Do not say, “But baby, it’s only 12:46am, and the bar closes at 1:30am, and by the time they get their car from valet and drive back here, it’ll be 1:50 at the soonest so we have at least one hour and four minutes to do it.”

The reason why this never works, is because even though as a guy, that makes perfect logistical sense, girls don’t’ think that way, especially when it comes to sex. Bringing her mind back into logic is the worst thing you can do to kill the mood. So instead, just agree with her and turn her on even more.

I remember one time I was close to hooking up with a girl when she said, “But Johnny, we just met.” Now as tempting as it was for me to argue with her and say, “No we didn’t, we technically met a few weeks ago even though we don’t remember each other and since it’s past midnight, this is really the third day.” But instead, all I said was:

“I know, you’re right, it’s crazy how we just met and we’re already so into each other….this is bad, (fingering her and kissing her more) but this feels so good.”

She never mentioned it again and we ended up fucking that night. So next time you hear any last minute sexual reservations, resistance, or excuses, just agree with her, and turn her on a bit more to over come it, and keep going forward.

4. Make sure you have all four elements of the DEVI Model (sex god method)

If any of the components of amazing sex is missing from your foreplay so far, she might not feel that sex would be worth it. If you haven’t read the Sex God Method by Daniel Rose yet, stop everything, and read it now.

It’s true that women have a lot more to lose when having sex with a guy than he does. Even though there are condoms, birth control, and abortion, women still fear getting pregnant or an std. They are rightfully fearful as well, since a women’s life is drastically changed when she gets pregnant. Think about it, how many guys would date a girl that already has a child? How many women look the same after they’ve had their stomachs stretched? A woman has a lot to lose in terms of her sexual value every time she has sex. So make sure she knows it’ll be worth it.

Even before having sex, you can start showing her that you have the four components of amazing sex. Make sure you have lead her, and shown that you are a dominate alpha male. Show a little bit of emotion, at least enough to show that you have the potential to care about her in the future. Variety isn’t as important the first time you have sex, but it’s nice to bring up the topic of crazy places you’ve had sex, or other ways to show that you are adventurous and sex will never become mundane with you. The last is immersion, make sure that you’re not in your head the whole time thinking about how to get laid. Instead, enjoy every step of the way with her, and be present during the foreplay and enjoy that as well. If you do all of the above, she’ll know that there’s a good chance that you’re a fantastic lover and sex with you would be well worth the risks.

5. Try, and Try Again, but know when to take 2nd place.

The first time a girl says “we shouldn’t,” consider it a reflex, if she says it again, most likely it is what we call token resistance. The first two “no”s don’t mean much, and should be expected, especially if the “no”s are “we shouldn’t.” Keep moving forward, turning her on and getting her more in the mood. Or if she resists, take a step back and move to a different part of her body to turn her on. A third no however, could very well however mean not today.

My advise is to sexually escalate as fast as she is comfortable, not as fast as you are. And worse comes to worse, don’t let her leave with you blue balled, horny and frustrated, instead just take the silver medal.

A lot of guys get angry, frustrated, and end up walking out on a girl because she won’t have sex with him. I know, I’ve been there, but then I realized that as long as she makes me cum, somehow, afterwards I really don’t care if we had sex that day or not.

I remember one time, I was hooking up with a girl, it was our 2nd or 3rd date and she just wouldn’t let me take it any further. Her clothes would come off, then back on, and hours went by of me trying to do everything in the book to get her to let me fuck her. I was ready to give up and drive her home, but then I realized that that would just leave me sexually frustrated with blue balls. So instead, I simply told her,

“Sweetie, you turned me on so much that I really need to cum….if you’re not ready to have sex today, it’s okay, but I’m going to have to relieve myself at least.”

I’ve actually done this many times with many different girls, because I realized that it feels almost just as good to have a girl give you a blow job, hand job, or even just kiss your neck and rub her tits on you while you jack yourself off. Afterwards you’ll both feel more sexually bonded and chance are you’ll end up having sex with her sooner than later because you didn’t get angry.

Last Words and Final Advice:

Whatever you do, just remember, don’t get angry at yourself or at her. Last minute sexual reservations or resistance is normal and there are ways around it. I hope you remember these tips the next time you’re in this situation.

Zdroj: http://thesocialsecrets.com/2009/04/5-e ... ervations/
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