60YoC - Risk Creepy (ENG)

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60YoC - Risk Creepy (ENG)

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Fakt mám pocit jako by to psal přímo pro mě :D

Risk Creepy
January 21, 2009 · No Comments

If you want to be really seductive you need to risk creepy.

Getting closer, seductive EC, looking at lips, talking slow - pauses and all the other little things that put women in a sexual trance…

This is all money!

But some women try to scare guys off their seductive game with the threat of the “creepy” label or the “you’re creepy” look

And guys will never be at their seductive best if they are still scared of creepy

Don’t fear creepy

You have to RISK creepy!

The threat of creepy is a bunch of BS, another test to scare clueless guys off…

Realize if a woman gives you that “you’re weird” look when you shut up, hold EC and go seductive… it really means she is trying to break tension b/c her panties are getting wet.

I go ALL OUT seductive… and sometimes you will get a seductive blowout. Fuck it, no different than a verbal blowout!

I push seductive limits, I RISK creepy

I know creepy is the label you fear…it is the reason you hold back. You would rather get blown out with a cocky line than with seductive EC… this way you can keep your cool guy rep.

I risk creepy

(Note: If you are ACTUALLY creepy, I’m sorry man I can’t help you, this post assumes you aren’t a creepy-weirdo for real…ask a trusted friend) :D

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