Chase, BB, Stripped - LMR (ENG)

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Chase, BB, Stripped - LMR (ENG)

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Push Push Push! (repost)

Wrote this a while back. There's still too many FRs and not enough LRs. A big reason is because guys don't PUSH. You gotta go for it. JUST GO. DO IT.

They're too scared of losing the girl. What is she won't like me after I say/do this or that. YADA YADA.

This is a pretty cute story that occured about 3 weeks ago in Portugal, had a blast with 2 friends. POINT IS, do not give up. No means not yet. Unless she starts battering you with a brick and screams rape. Then you might wanna take it down a notch, or run.

So I'm standing in this club. Leaning against the bar. Wearing a tanktop, ripped jeans, slippers and a cowboyhat. Which I took off after about 5 minutes cause they're pretty lame. Cowboys aren't, they're awesome partner.

Eyecontact with this girl.. hold.. hold.. hold.. give her an obvious "come over and let me tap your ass with my 16 inch slong" smile, turn around and focus on the bar again. 5 secs later shes standing behind me, tapping my shoulder:

HB: Why dont you come talk to me? Well, nevermind, I hate guys who approach me so Im glad you didn't..


Awesome. Bit of teasing, playful, etc. Kissclose after 2/3 mins, you know the drill.

Alright, end of the night I tell her to go home with me cause I have to show her something. She doesn't want to, it's her first night, she just arrived, blabla. Suddenly her female friend goes on a RAMPAGE. She's SO fucking pissed all of a sudden, no one knows why and she storms off.

Her friend had the key to their appartment and HB didn't even know the name of the hotel, so a cab was a no-go. We decide to go outside and figure it out.

"Let's go to my place, we'll figure it out."
HB: "No! we're not gonna have sex, I have a boyfriend! His name is whogivesashit"
"I never mentioned sex" talk talk. Her friend shows up fucking angry as shit.


I laugh, hard. Cause this is really funny. My HB runs off and chases the friend. I think to myself "fuck this" so I loudly pronounce it to some strangers on the street by telling them "fuck this". Go back in the club, come out like an hour later. She's standing there.

"Hey stranger, let's go to my place". She's in this time. SCORE!

We get to my room, she says "Seriously, I have a boyfriend, I love him so much. I really appreciate you looking out for me but I don't wanna have sex with you."

"Again the sexy baby, I never said I wanted sex with you. Lets just make out"
HB: "NO!" She gets up, turns off the lights, lies on the bed with her face facing the other side and goes to sleep. So I'm lying on my back looking at the ceiling, by boner waving in the wind cause I told her I sleep naked and took all my clothes off

I decide I deserve to get laid cause I'm a pretty cool guy. I grab her shoulder, turn her around and start making out. Sweet.

Now, an __HOUR__ has passed. In this time I tried fingering her, which she let me after like 20 minutes. She let me eat her out after like 50 minutes. Then after an hour she goes "alright that really is it, I'm going to bed". "FUCKING HELL", I think.

"You're a massochist. Your pussy is soaking wet, your nipples are hard, your hands are shaking and you're breathing heavily. Yet you say no to sex? Craaazy!" I turn over and go to sleep. She jumps on me, make out and after a few minutes we FINALLY start fucking.

Bet you're all going "hooray, hooray! Our boy did it!". No.

After 5 minutes of pounding she looks at me and starts crying hysterically. "IM SORRY! IM SORRY! But you're not whogivesashit!"

"Baby.. baby.. relax.. it's all good. I understand why you're upset. We're not going to do anything you dont want or feel comfortable about. It'll make our passion lack. Give me a kiss and go to bed. I have alot of respect for you"

Her eyes lighten up. She smiles and we fuck for hours.

I heard her say NO about 20/30 times, seriously. She pushed me off, turned around, everything.

Guys, KEEP pushing. Just go, go, GO!

Keep playing,


yes thats so right!

you feel stupid, you feel like an moron in Process, but fuck you must go over it, and keep it rolling.

KEY is to do it without any force.. But keep pushing. I mean, fuck it, she is in your bed.
I had so many situations like that in my life. some I fucked up seriously, some I fucked, some throw out of my house... Every time is a different story.

when is comes to this no no no no no no routine, you must behave like a person with ZERO <emotional Intelligence. Like an Idiot from a street that doesn't understand how she feels and what she is saying.

Thats why those Low intelligence guys get laid.. they push, push, push, that eventually she gives up.

Everytime I fuck up happened because of this : feel what she feels, and understand what she feels, and work from there.

This is place where my high EI fucked me up.
In this moment, you should switch off feelings, and be Persistent Maniac (without using any force).

Tactic is very simple :

Distract mind with stories, and talking

Occupy her mind, so she is not thinking about current situation, boyfriend,your dick.. whatever. She can only think about 1 thing at a time. So its better she thinks about your bullshit, then her own bullshit!
Topics : stars
falling in love
Literally anything that will occupy her brain.

while her brain is occupied you push sexual kino. Touching her tits, pussy whatever.

sometimes she will stop you at one Point.
and you not going to proceed further until you solve this Block.
when you reach this problem ( for example, she is not letting you touch her pussy)
go back to tits, and then attack pussy 5 min later.
do it on every stage.


talk about what you are doing(discuss resistance)

everything she says ( I have a BF) just say, yes, I totally understand you! and keep doing what you were doing.
Have fun

Everytime I fuck up happened because of this : feel what she feels, and understand what she feels, and work from there.
The reason why you must AVOID this at this stage is because when you are this close to sex you need to be leading 100%. You want to lead her to what you want, what you are feeling and thinking. You assume that the resistance she is giving is nothing more than a signal that she wants you to lead more. You realize that the reason she is there is to be with you, and needs for you to find a way to make it happen, despite the various obstacles (which she mostly creates).

Always avoid using force (of course), but maintain a strong lead.